capitanmagenta asked:
i'm very glad i found your blog :)

Thanks, and welcome aboard! :)

inhopeformiracles asked:
Thank you for your blog and all the handsome men you post! PS: you and your bf make a beautiful couple! Best wishes and greetings from Russia!

You’re very welcome! :D

Anonymous asked:
Hi man! I just wanted to ask, if you don't mind ^^: are you guys in a open relationship? Since you live far away from each other. Do you let the other one have sex with other men or you are completely loyal? /// By the way: you two are a fantastic and wonderful couple! Hugs!


We live far away from each other but we get to see each other usually twice a month, and usually for extended weekends. During the week we’re both busy with our jobs and other things; also we turn on Skype whenever we’re both in our homes. 

It sucks not to be able to cuddle the other person every night, but we’ve learned to live with that for now. We just bottle up all the cuddles and horniness and release it all when we get together! :)

So, to answer your question: no, we’re not in a open relationship, and we don’t have sex with other people while away from each other.


P.S.: Thanks for the compliments! :)

Anonymous asked:
Do you ever get jealous or bothered when you see someone's comments on your boyfriend's pictures? Are there limits to what kind of pictures you two post of each other?

If I was ever bothered by comments on my boyfriend’s pictures I wouldn’t reblog them in the first place, right?

That said and to be honest, I do feel the sting of jealousy from time to time, but I keep it in check and knowing me I would never act on it.

Whenever that feeling rears its ugly head I remind myself I don’t “own” him; I’d much rather let him be free and take comfort in the fact that he chooses to be with me. You see, we’re together because both of us want to be together, not because we got stuck with one another.

So let them comment and covet my boyfriend all they want: he is hot! I’m the first to recognize (and experience) that! ;o) I trust his feelings for me so I’m not worried.

Regarding the second question:

I don’t imagine us ever posting anything more explicit that what we have posted so far: displays of affection, us kissing, hugging, etc; that sort of thing.

We keep the naughty pics between the two of us… Sorry, boys!


pivanbs asked:
you guys are just too cute.

:D thanks! :)

prins-erik asked:
You two are so handsome.

We have our bad days! Everyone does! But thanks for the compliments! :)



Anonymous asked:
Hello! I am very happy that you and your man are together :) I am dating a nice fellow as well, but I wanted to ask: When did you feel the time was right to call him "my man?" Did you both have a conversation about being boyfriends, or did it just blurt out one day and a telepathic understanding was reached?

I can’t really say I remember! It just happened! I think you just know, but also it doesn’t hurt to ask! I know for sure I talk to my bf a lot about everything.

Communication is FUN~DAMENTAL! :)

prins-erik asked:
You're such a goodlooking couple!

Awww thanks!image


frankiethebaron asked:
loads of sexy men on your blog ! thanks for your posts


Corny post of the year.


I’m in the middle of nowhere in cold Germany. And knowing that there’s someone out there that loves me and cares for me the same way I do for him makes me feel great. I thank whatever led us to each other. 

Ok, now I have a reputation to uphold. Going to bed. 


I’m downstairs alone and I feel like a sorority girl in a bad horror movie. 

You know I’m a “cabrón”, so this is what I’d do to you if I was there…  

hahaha xD


Anonymous asked:
Your body is beautiful. Do you work out?

Ah well, thank you! 

The only real workout I do is some calisthenics every morning (some push-ups, crunches, lunges, squats) which usually takes me less than 10 minutes.

I walk around as much as possible, and I take the stairs.

And then, of course, I do yoga regularly. My yoga sessions usually take me between 30mins and an hour. I should do them everyday, but I usually end up doing them only every other day.

And that’s it! :)

soacceptable asked:
Where are the n00dz?

Here they are…

Anonymous asked:
Vou morder tua bundinha.

Anonymous asked:
You're so fucking cute/sexy. Marry me.

I’m sorry. My mamma told me not to marry strangers.

no1butmehere replied to your post: you are perfect!

I agree too :-P

(hahahaha I’m kidding)